A shift in the frequency of my religious orientation

Anyone who knows me when I am writing this would probably know how disappointed I am towards religion. Though I am open about people’s beliefs and tolerant of religions, I cannot say that I don’t have any problem with religion.

It is a wonder how religion escapes from the conviction of being a significant cause of racism. In many cultures, religious history overlaps with racial history. Any racial discrimination in history has been covered up and justified using the dominant religion of the period. Though subtle, Hindu religious beliefs have caused enough troubles to the dignity of the country. No…

It was a day when a speech competition was announced in my school. The topic was “Your favourite scientist”. Yes, my school assumed that students had favourite scientists, much like favourite movie stars.

Ten students registered for the competition for which we had a screening round a week away. Edison, the most popular scientist across generations, was the favourite of seven of the ten contestants. Though he had more than 1000 patents on his name, he was the most favourite scientist because he invented the electric bulb. …

Creationism, flat-Earth theory, geocentricity, and anthropocentricity are the major false conceptions from religions. Though the other three theories don't have so much of impact in human mind and behavior, the last one, anthropocentricity has impacted the way humans pursue the whole universe.

When we started to believe that everything in the universe is created for our wellbeing, we have grown selfish and greedy over the other living beings. When we say that Earth is a resourceful planet, it clearly shows our mentality that we see other living beings as resources to satisfy our own needs.

Anthropocentricity has been the reason…

Viswa Narayanan S

Just another stardust in time. Roboticist | Blogger | Fan of Science | Human being |

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